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Oklahoma is one of the best places I know of to live and work. So what better way to share Oklahoma with everyone than to use the internet. I've managed to start all sorts of blogs and podcasts about Oklahoma.

On July 25, 2003, I began Blog Oklahoma as a web ring for Oklahoma bloggers. It soon grew into an very interesting and diverse community.

On May 19, 2005, I launched Exploring Oklahoma History, a website dedicated to Oklahoma history and traveling the state to find these historic places.

On May 30, 2008, in order to share Oklahoma life and news from and for the Blog Oklahoma community I started the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Soon the podcast grew in popularity and on September 24, 2014, I moved it to it's own website.

After 103 episodes it was time for a change. After a short hiatus, on June 01, 2015, I rebooted the podcast with a new format and reset the episode number to 1. I moved all the previous episodes (2008-2015) into an archive where you can still listen to them today.

The goal of the podcast is to encourage Oklahomans to blog, podcast, and write about Oklahoma life, but it's grown into much more than that.

With the Blog Oklahoma Podcast I share blogging, podcasting, and technology tips and tricks. I attempt to keep everyone up on Oklahoma current events, especially when it's time to go vote. I highlight some of Oklahoma's fascinating history. And I also let everyone in on my day to day life. It is my podcast after all. Ha.

A few technical details about the podcast. I currently use a MXL 990 microphone, a Behringer Xenyx 800 audio mixer, a Behringer U-Control UCA202 USB Interface, a Dell PC running Windows 10, I record and mix with Audacity, and use Libsyn to host the podcast.

Well I hope you enjoy this little hobby of mine. It's been fun to do.

K. Latham



Blog Oklahoma Podcast
2009 Okie Blog Award Winner Best Podcast

The Okie Blog Awards were established by, and decided by and for, Oklahoma bloggers exclusively. They are intended for our blogging peers to recognize and honor the excellence of diversity by bloggers within the state through popular nominating and voting.



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