Blog Oklahoma Podcast 019: State of the Network

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a great 2016 so far. This is our first episode of the year. So why don’t we catch up a bit.

Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

Since we last visited it was the start of the Holiday season. And Donna, Eric, and I had a great Christmas and a relaxing New Year at home. Except for the part when everything iced over again. We were pretty much housebound for that entire time. And that wind. Oh my. The constant howling really ramps up the cabin fever you know.

Everything was really starting to defrost, until Friday night when we got a brand new layer of snow. Yay. I say sarcastically. But as of today it’s starting to melt away again. Yay. I say not sarcastically.

It’s only January and I’m already ready for Spring. How about you?

State of the Network

Let me go over the state of the Blog Oklahoma Network.

As for the Blog Oklahoma web ring. We continue to grow. For the last few weeks we’ve gain several new blogs. To all of them I say welcome and thanks for joining. If you want to read some of the best blogs Oklahoma has to offer, please just head on over to and explore the web ring.

Now to Exploring Oklahoma History at The planned redesign of the web site has been put on hold for a little while. I need time to catch up with some other projects before I can dedicate some work time to it. Meanwhile I’m still working on all the planning necessary before I can actually build. But even that is just when I can find a few minutes. But the current website is still active, still growing in visitors, and the community built behind it is slowly and steadily been growing. So it’s all good there.

And that brings me to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. The listenership and the visitors to the web site have been growing slowly, but I’m honestly putting the blame on that on me for missing almost an entire year before the reboot. Since the reboot, we’ve only grown. And I’m happy to say we’re also heard in more places now. So you can now listen to the podcast at, also you can subscribe with your favorite podcast app, we’re listed on iTunes and several other podcast directories. You can watch/listen to our podcast on YouTube. And just in the last few months we’ve been listed on Stitcher and just a few days ago we’re now on TuneIn. All great apps, all great ways to listen to your favorite podcast.

And I’m also happy to say our Roku channel has also continued to grow in installations. If you have a Roku please feel free to add our channel by going to

Our channel is still listed as private, meaning it’s not in the channel store yet. If you keep your fingers crossed, maybe I can get it listed in the Roku channel store sometime this year.

Blog Oklahoma’s social media presence has been steady. We’ve gained followers and interactions on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. All good there.

Facebook is still crap though. We’ve gained more followers there, but our reach is still hit or miss. Mostly miss. You might be following us on Facebook, but you’re probably not seeing anything we post. Thanks Facebook.

I have something new to announce, For no reason what so ever, the Blog Oklahoma Podcast has joined Snapchat! So please feel free to add blogoklahoma or scan the snapcode in the shownotes.

Well that about does it for this update; 2016 looks to be a promising year for Blog Oklahoma. And as always, thank you for listening.

Register To Vote

Mark your calendars for a couple of important dates. The last day to register to vote for the Oklahoma Presidential Primary is February 5, 2016. The Oklahoma Presidential Primary is March 1, 2016.

When you register to vote in Oklahoma, you may affiliate with any recognized political party or may register as an independent. At this time the state of Oklahoma does not recognize any political party except Democrat or Republican. The primaries are for their respective political parties. Independent voters generally cannot vote in primary elections in Oklahoma, except this year. The Democratic Party of Oklahoma has invited independent voters to participate in the Democratic primary. The Republican Party of Oklahoma hasn't, only Republicans can vote in the Republican primary.

I'll have links to more information in the show notes.

So please if you haven't, go register to vote. It's one of the most important things you can do as a citizen.

Blog Oklahoma on TuneIn

As I mentioned earlier, over the break the podcast was added to another great service. You can now listen the Blog Oklahoma Podcast with TuneIn. To listen, just search for Blog Oklahoma in the TuneIn App, or subscribe by using the shortcut

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