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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 006: My Yellow Jeep

07/19/2015 — My yellow Jeep has reliably gotten us where we needed to go for well over a decade. Well, that was up until it blew up last Tuesday.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 005: Of Comments and Gremlins

07/12/2015 — The one thing you should never do is read Facebook comments on politically charged news articles. Think of it as the same rule as not feeding your mogwai after midnight … for the exact same reasons!

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 004: ROYGBIV

06/28/2015 — This episode I'm going use the Blog Oklahoma writing topic generator and write an episode using each of the colors of the rainbow, but no more than once, and not in a list. ROYGBIV challenge accepted.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 003: Stand Up

06/14/2015 — When you work in front of a computer keyboard for a living, it can be difficult to keep fit. Long sedentary hours of sitting takes it’s toll on your body. One way to help this is to stand up.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 002: Rain

06/07/2015 — In May 2015 something really surprising happened here in our small western Oklahoma town. It rained. That in itself would be amazing after the long drought we’ve had, but when I say it rained, I mean it raaaaained. ...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 001: Reboot!

06/01/2015 — It’s time for something new. So I think this week’s topic will be: Reboot.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast: Reboot!

05/28/2015 — It was bound to happen sooner or later. I think it's time for a reboot! June 2015.