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Quick Update

04/23/2018 — It's been a rough couple of weeks. I thank everyone for their kind words to our family and patience. ...

Our New Feedback Portal

04/04/2018 — We'd love to hear what you're thinking about. What can we do better? Do you need help with something? We now have a place for you to vote, discuss, and share ideas and ask questions.

Family Update

04/04/2018 — Due to a loss in the family I'll be taking a break from the podcast for the next few weeks. Our family thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, kind words, and understanding during this difficult time.

Current Podcast Setup

03/19/2018 — I used this picture for the cover at the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Facebook Group and was asked about my desk setup and what that thing hanging of the old iPhone was. So here's a quick point-at-it edit of that picture.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 056: Impeachment

03/10/2018 — In this episode I talk about the impeachment of Oklahoma Governors Jack C. Walton and Henry S. Johnson. As well as give a civics lesson on what it takes to impeach and remove someone from office. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Now On Spotify!

02/19/2018 — The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is now listed on Spotify! A another great way to listen to our podcast.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 055: Bold Mission #okvotes18

02/04/2018 — So let's start off 2018 here at the Blog Oklahoma Podcast with a bold mission. I'm going convince you to go vote.

New Episodes Soon

01/18/2018 — Just want to let everyone know the Blog Oklahoma Podcast will return soon. My apologies for having such a long delay.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus Spotify Playlist

11/29/2017 — Our Spotify playlist consists of bonus musical selections by the host of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. There is now well over 29 hours of music for you to enjoy. ...

Roku Channel Update

10/31/2017 — Update 10/31: Slight change of plans. Nothing can just be straight forward. There are a few hoops I have to jump though at Roku to get a channel delisted. No telling how long it will take. So the channel will stay up for a little longer. There's a required channel update deadline of January 1, 2018, set by Roku. So I may just keep the channel up until Roku just pulls it.