Register To Vote Oklahoma! Deadline Oct 12

10/09/2018 — Register To Vote Oklahoma! You have until Friday (October 12) to get registered so you can vote in the November 6 election.

PLEX Podcasts

09/24/2018 — How to add the Blog Oklahoma Podcast to PLEX Podcasts.

Oklahoma Primary Runoff Election - August 28, 2018

08/16/2018 — On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Oklahoma will be having a runoff election for the primary we had on June 26th. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have statewide runoffs, so everyone should head to the polls and vote.

Oklahoma Primary Election Results

06/27/2018 — The unofficial results of the June 26, 2018 , Oklahoma Statewide Primary Election ...


06/22/2018 — The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is now listed on RadioPublic. Just one of the many great ways to listen to our podcast. ...

Comment System

06/21/2018 — Wondering if I want to keep using DISQUS comments on the podcast show notes. ...

New Mastodon Home

06/12/2018 — We have a new home on Mastodon. Our old home mastodon.cloyd has been down for over a week ...

Register To Vote!

05/14/2018 — Oklahoma! Last day to register to vote for the June 26 Primary Election is June 1st.

Quick Update

04/23/2018 — It's been a rough couple of weeks. I thank everyone for their kind words to our family and patience. ...

Our New Feedback Portal

04/04/2018 — We'd love to hear what you're thinking about. What can we do better? Do you need help with something? We now have a place for you to vote, discuss, and share ideas and ask questions.