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"Oklahoma is one of the best places I know of to live and work. So what better way to share Oklahoma with everyone than to use the internet. I've managed to start all sorts of blogs and podcasts about Oklahoma. So I thought I'd put them in all in one place for you. Here you'll find a community of bloggers who blog in or about Oklahoma; a place to learn about Oklahoma history and travel the state; or just discover what's going on from day to day. I'm sure you will find something here that'll interest you."   —   K. Latham

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 039: Canva

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — In this week's episode I introduce you to Canva, share a list of storytellers for you to follow on Snapchat, and let you know what I got in the mail this weekend.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 038: Comments

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — In this week’s episode I talk a little bit about comment systems, take a look back at our old Music Spectacular episodes, and share some of my favorite movies you may have never seen before. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 037: Nothing Happened

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — I missed last week’s episode, and you won’t believe the reason why. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Sorry Podcast Delayed Again.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — I do apologize everyone. I assure you I'm not trying to make a habit of missing an episode every other week. A boring and not interesting at all series of events has prevented me from working on an episode this week.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 036: How To Vote

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — It’s election season, and did you know you only have two more months left to register to vote for the general election. Let's talk about that. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

#okvotes16 - New to our Roku channel.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — We've added a new section to our Roku channel called #okvotes16. Since it's election season we thought we'd help out by providing a quick overview on how to vote in Oklahoma. Please check it out.

Oklahoma Primary Run-Off Election - August 23rd

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — There is a primary run-off election on August 23rd. Check with the *Online Voter Tool* at ok.gov/elections to see if you need to go vote.