June 02, 2020


As we venture out, let’s find little ways to lift each other up. That’s how we bounce back, stronger than ever. ...
 May 29, 2020

Blog Oklahoma Podcast Update

Unfortunately, I haven’t put out a new episode since last October. Not to make any excuses, but there was a series of unfortunate events that occurred that kept me away from the microphone. ...
 May 04, 2020

Returning Safely

If you're going out, please be safe and think of the safety of others. Keep 6ft apart and wear a mask.
 February 17, 2020

Making an omelette quesadilla

I learned this on TikTok of all places. It’s a omelette quesadilla. Easy to make. Easy to eat. Quite good. Enjoy.
 January 20, 2020

Loss in family / Podcast on hiatus

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is going to be on hiatus for a little longer. ...

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