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"Oklahoma is one of the best places I know of to live and work. So what better way to share Oklahoma with everyone than to use the internet. I've managed to start all sorts of blogs and podcasts about Oklahoma. So I thought I'd put them in all in one place for you. Here you'll find a community of bloggers who blog in or about Oklahoma; a place to learn about Oklahoma history and travel the state; or just discover what's going on from day to day. I'm sure you will find something here that'll interest you."   —   K. Latham

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 016: Failure

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — You dribble up to the hoop. You shoot. You miss. There are times when you just don’t win. That doesn’t mean you’re an abject failure, it just means you didn’t succeed this time. In this episode I share about feeling like a failure and not sweating the small stuff.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 015: Markdown

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — I this week's episode I introduce you to another tool for your writing toolbox, Markdown.

The 2011 Special Halloween Music Spooktacular

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Originally aired: October 28, 2011. Happy Halloween everyone! This is the Blog Oklahoma Podcast (Archives) 83: Special Halloween Music Spooktacular.

The 2009 Halloween Special

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Originally aired: October 25, 2009. Happy Halloween everyone! This is the Blog Oklahoma Podcast (Archives) 45: The Halloween Special.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 014: I Don't Want To Write

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — You know what? I don’t want to write today. I’m in no mood whatsoever to put together a podcast. You’d think I’d be eager to put out an episode after being sick and missing last week, but I’m not. In fact I haven’t felt like writing all week.



Latest Notices

Happy Thanksgiving.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — I'm thankful for the things in my past. Things that have brought me to where I am at last. All the lessons I've learned and more to come. All help me to better become. The people I've met and remain close with still, along with those that have gone on their well. All good things come to those who wait, Thank you God, for the blessings on my plate. From everyone here at Blog Oklahoma, happy Thanksgiving and many good wishes for this holiday season.

NaNoWriMo Nov 1-30, 2015

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30.

Sorry no new podcast this week or next week.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Something came up I need to deal with. Nothing bad, just something that's going to take time away from the podcast. I'll return with a new episode on November 8th.

We're Against Bullying #SpiritDay, Oct 15th

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Spirit Day began in 2010 as a way to show support for LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying. Following a string of high-profile suicide deaths of gay teens in 2010, GLAAD worked to involve millions of teachers, workplaces, celebrities, media outlets and students in going purple on social media or wearing purple.

Blog Action Day 2015

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Each year, Blog Action Day brings voices from all over the world together simultaneously to share stories and ideas about important themes. This year on October 16, 2015 our theme is RAISE YOUR VOICE. We all have the power to create the world we want to see when we raise our voices online.