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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 054: The Bombing of Boise City


09/17/2017 — In the wee hours of July 5th, 1943, it was like most nights in the sleepy little panhandle town of Boise City, Oklahoma. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

VLOG #13: Water Meter and Other Things

11/16/2017 — Wednesday, November 15, 2017. It's been an uneventful couple of weeks. Well we did have one exciting thing, our water meter exploded. Okay it didn't explode, but it did spring a leak. Had to call the city in to get it fixed. Fun ....

5 Things ... on my desk at work

11/13/2017 — Five things is something new I'm trying, its short, and not to be taken too seriously. Thanks for watching.

Roku Channel Update

10/31/2017 — Update 10/31: Slight change of plans. Nothing can just be straight forward. There are a few hoops I have to jump though at Roku to get a channel delisted. No telling how long it will take. So the channel will stay up for a little longer. There's a required channel update deadline of January 1, 2018, set by Roku. So I may just keep the channel up until Roku just pulls it.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus #6: November 2017

10/28/2017 — Hey we're heading into a new month so let's take a look at what's coming up in November 2017 according to the calendar hanging on my office wall

Closing Our Roku Channel

10/23/2017 — After some real thought I've decided to close our Roku channel.

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