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"Oklahoma is one of the best places I know of to live and work. So what better way to share Oklahoma with everyone than to use the internet. I've managed to start all sorts of blogs and podcasts about Oklahoma. So I thought I'd put them in all in one place for you. Here you'll find a community of bloggers who blog in or about Oklahoma; a place to learn about Oklahoma history and travel the state; or just discover what's going on from day to day. I'm sure you will find something here that'll interest you."   —   K. Latham

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 004: ROYGBIV

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — This episode I'm going use the Blog Oklahoma writing topic generator and write an episode using each of the colors of the rainbow, but no more than once, and not in a list. ROYGBIV challenge accepted.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 003: Stand Up

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — When you work in front of a computer keyboard for a living, it can be difficult to keep fit. Long sedentary hours of sitting takes it’s toll on your body. One way to help this is to stand up.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 002: Rain

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — In May 2015 something really surprising happened here in our small western Oklahoma town. It rained. That in itself would be amazing after the long drought we’ve had, but when I say it rained, I mean it raaaaained. ...

Instagram Video: Elk City Lake Full Again

The Lab — 5/26/15 - Elk City Lake. This lake was empty for the last few years, now it's overflowing.

Instagram Video: Backyard Starting To Flood

The Lab — 5/23/15 - This is the most rain here I've ever seen since we moved in some 10 years ago. #okwx #elkcityok



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Independence Day

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Happy Independence Day America. We're taking a few days off to celebrate, so no podcast this week. We'll be back next time with an all new episode. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

No Podcast This Week

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — Sorry this week's episode has been postponed until next week. It so nice outside that I lost track of time. (Also gives me a chance to punch up this episode's script a bit.)

Blog Oklahoma on YouTube

Blog Oklahoma Podcast — We've refreshed our YouTube channel. The latest episodes of the podcast have been uploaded, and we've launched some new playlists. Subscribe Today.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast Reboot

Blog Oklahoma Podcast Archives — We've rebooted the Blog Oklahoma Podcast and moved all the episodes from May 2008 to May 2015 into the archives.

103 Roku channel installs.

Blog Oklahoma Network — Our Roku channel has just reached 103 account installs. Yay! Thank you for installing and for listening to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Remember your feedback is always welcome, just leave a comment.