Best Year To Date

  •  Monday, January 21, 2019 16:36
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Just read the stats over at Libysn. We just had our best year to date, even with the gaps between episodes.

In 2018 we averaged around 218 listens per episode, and for our little podcast that's not bad.

Episode #056: Impeachment is now our most listened to episode for the entire history of the podcast, surpassing 800 listens.

Let's have a hearty YAY! for click bait headlines. Ha!

Here are our totals (1/21/2019):

  • LEGACY DOWNLOADS (Before 7/1/2017): 74,944
  • UNIQUE DOWNLOADS (Since 7/1/2017): 10,763
* Libsyn reset their stats in 2017. They did keep old counts (legacy)

A very big thank you to everyone for listening. Let's see if 2019 can be even better.

- K.