Giving Up on MeWe

  •  Monday, April 1, 2019 10:29

I'm officially giving up on MeWe.

I did the final test, the Google+ Data Import. It was slow, but it worked. Never did get a notice it finished.

There are some things to like about MeWe, but the more you spend on it the more the cons outweigh the pros. No documentation; no global moderation; getting public groups going is near impossible unless you spam other groups about yours; you just can't get traction; and there are unlisted rules about posts and the public directory that are really annoying.

Oh and not to mention MeWe is infected with conspiracy nut-jobs and you're constantly running into trolls on the pull. (SMH)

I'm keeping my profile up so I can check in on the service from time to time. Maybe it will improve and the population will grow up. I seriously doubt it though.

It was almost fun MeWe, but no. I'm off to spend more time elsewhere.

Thanks for everyone who helped with the review for Blog Oklahoma Podcast 061: MeWe.

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