Executive Disfunction

  •  Friday, March 5, 2021 16:24

What no new podcast yet? What’s going on here?

Have you ever had one of those days where your executive disfunction kicks in and you’re just putting out little fires in the yard instead of working to put out the house fire? Figuratively of course.

I’ve been having many days like that for the last few weeks. Some very much my fault, but the rest is all from circumstance. Take that days-long cold snap we all shared. Wasn’t that just fun. So much fun we’re still waiting on a plumber to visit our house. They’re swamped. Can’t complain too much, we have running water in most of the house. Some of it is even hot.

Well, let’s focus back on the podcast. There’s just been too much happening in the last few weeks for me to work on a new episode. I’ll write it into my schedule to work on, I get my script outline ready, I start my research, and … hey what’s that over there? Ooo shiny.

Many of those little fires in the yard have been getting put out. One was spinning down the Blog Oklahoma web ring. It was a melancholy day, but it was just time. I have a brand-new page up at blogoklahoma.com I hope you’ll all find useful. It’s full of links to Oklahoma news, weather, and other resources I’m sure you find quite handy. Heck if you don’t use it, I will. Having all the links to the various Oklahoma news sources all in one place has speed things up for me and many of the other little fires I must put out.

My goal (knock on wood / cross fingers / leave offerings to the writing deities) is to get a new episode out next week. So, I please bear with me just a little longer.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it done. Hmm.

Do I need to start taking Ritalin or learn to like Tequila?