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  •  Wednesday, November 17, 2021 00:00
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This morning (Monday) was spent at the doctor’s office for my regular A1C test. Just one of the many benefits of being diabetic. Every three months I get to visit the doctor, answer a few questions, and get blood drawn. In about a day or two I’ll get the results along with any new recommendations from my doctor.

An A1C test tells you your average level of blood sugar over the past 3 months. High numbers are bad. Non-diabetics will get a result of 4% or less, and diabetics 6.5% or more. I usually sit around 7%. Not the best score for sure, but manageable.

Luckily my kind of diabetes doesn’t require insulin shots or constant blood glucose monitoring. For me it’s a regiment of medication, diet, and exercise. I fail miserably at the last two. Sigh.

If you would like to learn more about the A1C test checkout these articles:

More later. Time to stop thinking about donuts.


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