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I often wonder what far future archaeologists will think about that fine layer of white plastic they'll discover when they hit the layer of earth that marks our time. We do love our K-Cup coffee don’t we.

Donna and I do like our coffee. We're no connoisseurs by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have our favorites. There's nothing wrong with a good drip pot of Folders or Maxwell House or even a quick K-Cup of Great Value Donut Shop or Breakfast Blend.

Our favorite must be Café Bustelo. It has a rich flavor we both enjoy. We've made this coffee in several ways, drip, K-cup, and French press. We don't own anything fancy like an espresso maker. I recently learned of another way to make Café Bustelo coffee and that is with a moka pot. So, I may have to pick one up soon. I'll be sure to add one to my Amazon wishlist.

What kind of coffee do you enjoy?

More Later. Time to make some coffee.


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