Daylight Saving Time

  •  Wednesday, March 9, 2022 00:00
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It's that time once again when we try to remember how to set our digital alarm clocks. Yes, Daylight Saving Time is again inflicted upon the United States this Sunday, March 13th. Don't get me wrong I like having the extra daylight when I get off work, but I don't like making the adjustment. We, as a country, need to decide to stay on Daylight Time permanently or abolish the practice altogether. Who's with me?

Anyway, since we're messing with our clocks, this is a good opportunity to remind you to put new batteries in your smoke and CO detectors this Sunday too.

I also hope you'll join me in keeping the good people of Ukraine in your thoughts. If you wish to provide monetary assistance to the Ukrainian people, please make sure you're using a reputable organization to do so. There are already reports of scammers trying to take advantage of the situation. The Better Business Bureau has provided a list of vetted organizations which includes Save the Children and the Salvation Army.

And finally, Donna and I are taking a much-needed vacation next week. So, there won't be a newsletter next Monday. The newsletter will return on March 21st.

More later. Time to do some timey-wimey stuff.


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