May Is Going To Be A Good Month

  •  Wednesday, May 4, 2022 00:00

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I hope everyone is doing well this fine May. We’re doing okay, a little bit of the allergies, but otherwise fine.

May is going to be a good month. So, let's stay positive. It'll be hard with all the news coming out of the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor's office, but we will try our best and not let it get us down. To quote, "We will not let hate win". So, chin up, fake that smile if you must, and take your meds. May is going to be a good month, damn it.

I'm currently working on the next episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. I thought I was going to record this past weekend, but it just didn't work out. I'm going to be spending the rest of this week cleaning up the script a bit. The show notes alone might take me a day to do. Not sure yet. Fingers crossed I'll have a new episode out next week.

Oh, good news for my Elk City friends, the Elk City Carnegie Library is now open again. They've completed all the remodelling and moved all the books from their temporary home. Please visit for more information.

More later. Time to read a book.


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Have a great week everyone. Until next time.