In Memory of FB

  •  Monday, June 13, 2022 13:21

FB cat

I’m saddened to say our beloved cat FB is gone. Cancer. The vet let him rest Friday morning. It’s been a rough weekend. You can just feel his absence in our home. We’re heartbroken.

Fat Boy (aka FB, Fatty, or Fuzzy Baby) and his brother Kelso came to live with us in 2010. FB was a large, long haired easy-going cat. He was friendly, lovable, and never far from our side. He would sit between Donna and I on the couch or sleep with us in bed. We lovingly called him our chaperone. When he wasn’t with us, he would love to lay in a sunbeam or on top of the bookshelf in our office to look out the window. He loved Temptation cat treats and sandwich ham. He loved neck scratches, but not being picked up. He also thought he was much smaller than he was, especially when he was laying with is full weight on your chest just as happy as he could be purring away.

We’ll miss you, you big pile of fluff. Love you. Rest well.