My Turn With Covid

  •  Monday, September 19, 2022 18:00

positive covid test

I started not feeling well last Sunday. Felt even worse on Monday. So, I pulled out one of our COVID testing kits Monday night and… double line, positive. I’ve been home for the week just coughing and generally feeling ill. I am feeling better, but still a bit weak. Hopefully I’ll shake this off soon.

There was a rodeo during Labor Day weekend. A prime super spreader event. I could have picked this up from a coworker, client, or some random person at Walmart who went to the rodeo. Who knows. Thank goodness I was vaccinated and boosted. Hate to think what this would have been like without it. Trust me, it’s no fun.

So that’s why no newsletter last week. I didn’t want to miss another edition. So here you go.

More later. Time for more orange juice.

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PS: Finally made it back to work on Wednesday. Still feel a little off, but much better. Hope you are staying well. Please click the Read More button for the rest of the Newsletter. -K.