Happy Halloween

  •  Monday, October 24, 2022 16:31

It’s our favorite time of year!

It’s the annual festival where we get together to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. We would all gather around a cleansing bonfire, chant the rituals of protection, and make offerings of food and wine to the gods for a safe winter and an early spring.

Uh, wait a moment. We didn’t do that. Sorry, I had my streams crossed. Now I remember.

It’s that time of year when everything turns pumpkin spice, the night starts to creep in, everyone trashes their yard with cobwebs and fake tombstones, and children run around the neighborhood in cheap plastic masks begging for candy.

That’s right it’s Halloween! Yay!!

Do you have any Halloween traditions? Ours is to fill up a big bowl of candy, turn on the porch light, and wait for that dozen or so trick-or-treaters that brave our lonely street. Any candy left over from the night Donna gets to eat for the next few weeks. So, she typically picks the candy for the night. Ha!

In this edition of the newsletter, I thought I’d share some Halloween fun with you. In the video section, you’ll find some classics I stumbled upon. Some I haven’t seen since I was a kid. (Way to make me feel old YouTube.) In the music section, you’ll find a few Halloween playlists for whatever your mood or age range may be.

More later. Time to carve a pumpkin.

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