Back from Thanksgiving Break

  •  Monday, December 5, 2022 16:32

Did you have a good Thanksgiving break?

I hope your uncle and great-aunt didn’t talk your ear off. I remember you telling me how they love to gossip and reminisce. Ha. Same as usual. Did your second cousin get to come? Seven months sober you say? Good for them, I’m happy to hear that.

I take it no fire department this year? Ha. Learned your lesson, did you? It’s going to be oven turkey only from now on. Oh, I saw your significant other at Walmart the other day, their eyebrows have grown back nicely.

How was our Thanksgiving? Fine. Fine. No that’s a lie. It was … melancholy.

Thanksgiving Day was good enough. We got to watch the parade. Our son came in and had lunch with us, which is always great. The food was good. Donna made this terrific cranberry salad. I should get her to post the recipe sometime.

Sadly though, we had to say goodbye to our little dog Widget. He was with us for 17 years. He was hurting. The vet let him rest that Friday afternoon. He was the cutest little puppy when he came to live with us. Our house felt so empty over that weekend. Still does. We couldn’t be in the kitchen without him under our feet, waiting for us to drop something. I keep looking down, so I don’t trip on him. He’s not there. We’re sad, but he will always be in our hearts. Rest well little boy.

Well, that’s a bit of a downer. Sorry about that. Let’s lighten things up a bit.

I just finished putting up a new Historic Places Map at Exploring Oklahoma History. It uses OpenStreetMap and a javascript library called Leaflet. It was fun to put together. I see some great possibilities for future projects. I hope you like it.

Over the last week, I watched a couple of interesting documentaries on YouTube. One was about America’s first conspiracy occurring around King Philip's War. Another was a mystery surrounding who wrote the Disney Channel’s theme song. And finally, a look at the maddening mess are three-letter airport codes and why Canadian airports all start with Y.

Spotify introduced me to a metal band from France called Gojira. I’ve had their song, Our Time Is Now, on the top of my daily playlist all week. I’ve added it to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist along with a few more fun tracks including a cover of Separate Ways I think you’ll like.

Well, I think this will do it for the newsletter this week. I'm trying something a little different. I’ll explain more next time.

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Have a great week everyone. Until next time. - K.