Blog Oklahoma Newsletter Always Free

  •  Wednesday, March 20, 2024 13:16

I’ve turned off paid subscriptions to the Blog Oklahoma Newsletter. The newsletter has always been and will continue to be free to everyone.

A few people who wanted to sign up for my "free" newsletter were confused when Substack asked for a paid subscription. So, I want to end that confusion. Substack already makes you click multiple times to complete a subscription; if I can remove just one of those clicks, all the better. Ha!

I want to express my gratitude to those who have previously signed up for a paid subscription. Your contribution of $3.97 per month (what I got after Substack and Stripe's fees) was greatly appreciated. With your help, I was able to support our local economy by treating myself to a large dark roast brewed coffee from my neighborhood Scooter's Coffee every now and then. Thank you again for your support.



PS: I'll share other ways you can support Blog Oklahoma a little later. Stay tuned.