A Way To Support Blog Oklahoma

  •  Wednesday, March 27, 2024 11:02

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I turned off paid subscriptions to the Blog Oklahoma Newsletter on Substack. The newsletter has always been and will continue to be free to everyone.

Again a big thank you to the few people who signed up for the paid subscription. It wasn’t necessary, but I still appreciated it. With their help, I was able to support our local economy by treating myself to a large dark roast coffee from my neighborhood Scooter's Coffee every now and then. Ha!

This got me thinking: Why not continue this coffee theme by signing up to Ko-Fi? If you would like to support me or say thank you by buying me a coffee for everything I do at Blog Oklahoma, you can do so at ko-fi.com/blogoklahoma. Again, it's not necessary, but still appreciated.

Have a blessed and well-caffeinated day.

- K.

PS: I've added a Ko-Fi widget to all the Blog Oklahoma websites.