Blog Oklahoma Podcast 006: My Yellow Jeep

My yellow Jeep and I have been though a lot together. We first met way back at the turn of the century, and we’ve been companions ever since. Over the years we’ve traveled up and down the highways and backroads in the search of history. My yellow Jeep was there on Donna and I’s first date, it was our honeymoon getaway vehicle, and our new family’s ride. My yellow Jeep has reliably gotten us to where we needed to go through rain, ice, snow, and blazing sun.

Well that was all up until it blew up.

For all the years we’ve been together, my yellow Jeep suffered its first catastrophic failure just a few days ago. The radiator exploded. I’m not exaggerating either. The top of the radiator split apart spewing its contents all over the engine compartment in tremendous fashion.

Donna feels sad about it too. She was the one driving when it happened. She had just finished running some errands around town and was heading home. When she was about a block or so from the house, the engine temperature gauge shot up and the engine began to overheat. She slowed way down, turned off the A/C, rolled down the windows, and turned on the heater.

Since it was just a block, she made home and pulled it into the driveway. With the Jeep now stopped, she says she could hear fluid boiling. As soon as she shut the engine off, she heard a loud pop and steam and fluid began to spray everywhere.

After about an hour to let everything cool off, she surveyed the damage. The top of the radiator was missing, the engine compartment was as yellow as the Jeep’s paint job, and what was left of the radiator fluid was pooled up on the driveway.

I’m not entirely sure what failed yet. It could have been just the old radiator letting go, a thermostat not working properly, a clogged pipe, a failed pump, or a combination of a host of other things.

There isn’t much I can do for the Jeep right now, so I’ve been spending most of the weekend cleaning up the driveway. Donna used kitty litter to help mop up the spill after everything cooled off, and that helped quite a bit. Just a little side for everyone, antifreeze is poisonous. Try to take care of any spills as soon as you can. You don’t want the neighbor cats to get into it. That would make Donna even more sad, and you don’t want that.

As of writing this I still don’t know the damage done beyond the destroyed radiator. If it’s just the radiator, there’s hope. If there’s damage to the engine block or other components well, that’s it.

Weather or not this is the end for my yellow jeep is yet to be determined, but it has definitely been an adventure.


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