Blog Oklahoma Podcast 011: Staycation

Have you ever had the desire to just stay home to just relax, be with the family, watch a lot of TV, and generally do nothing? I was lucky enough to have a few of those days during the Labor Day holiday.

Those kind of weekends are rare. Most of my weekends are rather busy. It's filled with household projects I can't get to during the week. Catching up with chores, like doing the laundry or mowing the lawn. It's full of home repair like replacing a broken light fixture in the kitchen and cleaning up the mess after a section of old plaster falls of the ceiling. And on days like today, where it's filled with frustrating internet problems and a desire to put out a podcast I didn't have a chance to work on during the week.

Still all said and done I did have a good Labor Day weekend.

Now Donna and I could have gone somewhere. Taken a road trip to get away from the house, but we didn't. We actually like staying home. We enjoy our staycations.

How about you? Do you enjoy a nice staycation? Or one of those kind of people that always have to get away. You got to go somewhere. The wanderlust just grabs you and you gotta go.

We like travel too, just in moderation.


I hate my glasses. There I said it.

I got a new pair of glasses several months ago. This is the first pair I've ever had that had biphocles. And they are driving me nuts. I'm always having to adjust my head just to get things in focus. I type for a living and look at a computer screen for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. And I use multiple computers, so nothing is at the same focal length. To see things at a particular distance I look like I have my nose in the air. Or I'm even looking over my glasses. This is crazy.

How about you? Have you ever gotten new glasses and they just aren't working out? Let me hear from you.


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