Blog Oklahoma Podcast 028: Google+ Collections

In this episode I talk about Google+ Collections, give an update on last weeks episode, and share the top five interesting places I've been to in Oklahoma.

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As many of you know I’m a big fan of Google+. Of all the social networks it’s by far my favorite. I even like the new design and direction they’re currently working toward.

Now one of the features that Google+ introduced not long ago is called collections. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Collections are a way to organize and share specific things with your audience, or even keep things organized for yourself.

Let’s say you’re going to have a series of posts about, oh let me pick a random thing, coffee mugs. You’ll write posts about coffee mugs, you’ll share pictures of coffee mugs, and you’ll link to interesting articles about coffee mugs. Now at the same time you’re posting about coffee mugs, you’re also posting all the regular things you would usually post to social media. Thinks like your random cat pictures, family updates, and almost interesting news articles. That kind of stuff. Now if you’re like me all of this was getting posted to your Public feed, meaning everyone can see it. Everyone that following you can see everything you’ve posted. Great.

But the deal is all of those interesting things you’ve posted about coffee mugs are now buried within your Public feed. Now that’s where collections come in handy.

You can create a new collection called Coffee Mugs, and start posting all of those interesting things about coffee mugs into it. Not only will it help you find all that stuff you’ve posted about coffee mugs, but it will let other people find that stuff too.

On Google+ even though you still can, you no longer have to follow an individual. Instead you can follow your interests.

Let’s say you’re very interested in coffee mugs, but not interested in random cat pictures. First off what’s wrong with you, everyone loves random cat pictures. Secondly if you find someone interesting who posts a lot about coffee mugs, and they also post a lot of random cat pictures, but they’ve put all of those Coffee Mug posts in a collection. You don’t have to follow everything they do. You can just follow their collection. So you won’t see those random cat pictures in your news feed.

The closest service to doing the same thing in regarding collections would be Pinterest. Pinterest is a great service, don’t get me wrong on anything here. I have numerous boards with all sorts of interesting things I’ve pinned, but I can’t post just text about something. Pinterest was designed as a bookmarking service. It’s might have grown a little bit beyond that, but It doesn’t have the social connections, in my opinion.

All of Google+ is being organized in a way for you to share and find what you're interested in, and to connect with people that share that interest. Collections are one of the great things about Google+, and I would encourage you to check them out.

And please feel free to look at all the collections we have on our Google+ page. I’m sure you find something that interest you. That’s at +blogoklahoma, I’ll have a link to it and more in our show notes at

Top 5

The top 5 interesting places in Oklahoma that I've been too.

  1. Gloss Mountain State Park, northwest of Fairview, Oklahoma
  2. Alabaster Caverns, south of Freedom, Oklahoma
  3. Holy City of the Wichitas, northwest of Lawton, Oklahoma
  4. Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum, Woodward, Oklahoma
  5. Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur, Oklahoma

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