Blog Oklahoma Podcast 029: Oklahoma Wind

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The Oklahoma Wind

On any average day you’ll feel the wind on your face.Sometimes is mild and calm, others it’ll knock you over. The wind is power. All across the Oklahoma plains tall white turbines are sprouting like flowers.Spinning and turning in pinwheel like fashion. Generating electrical power. Giving us light and air conditioning and all that comes with it. On a smaller scale in a field nearby is an old grey and rusted windmill. Slowly spinning, driving a pump to bring up water from the depths to quench a thirsty herd of cattle. Smaller still are wind chimes on your neighbor's porch. Gently playing its calming meditative tune. Even smaller you’ll watch the flowers in your garden sway back and forth. On a day like today you’ll open up your windows and let the wind blow gently through the house. On a day like yesterday you worried if the roof was going to stay on under the gail. On a day like tomorrow you’ll wonder what the wind will bring. Will it bring a nice calming relaxing day. Will it bring the kind of day where you want to head to the park with your kite, like the old song, “Let’s go fly a kite”. Will it just blow in more of your neighborhood's trash into your yard. Will it bring the dust as it has in days past. Or will it bring the fear that heavenly host has come for you on that day. That is the power of Oklahoma’s wind.

Writing Suggestion

This week’s Blog Oklahoma writing suggestion is to write a poem about the Oklahoma Wind. I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Top 5

The top 5 TV shows I just caught up with on my DVR this week
5. Texas Flip and Move
4. Legends of Tomorrow
3. Arrow
2. Supergirl
1. The Flash

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