Blog Oklahoma Podcast 030: #blogmonth challenge

You know what? I think it’s time once again to take on the blog month challenge.

Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

The challenge is simple. Write and post something new to your blog every day for an entire month. The goal of this challenge is to write something. Consider it an excuse, for lack of a better term, to improve your writing skills and grow your creativity. It doesn’t matter what you write about. You can write about anything. The point is to write something.

When some people take this challenge, before they begin they’ll plan out what they’re going to write about over the entire month, they’d give themselves a topic list to work from, and some even mapped it out to the day what they were going to write about. Others will just make up something on the day with no advanced planning. Again it doesn’t matter which approach you take, just write something.

Here are a few guidelines for you in taking this challenge.

  • Write more than one paragraph. This is a long form writing challenge after all.
  • It’s ideal to post on your own blog, but you can use any platform you want, except Twitter.
  • Write on the day you’re going to post. It’s okay to think about what you're going to write on the days before, but all the writing should take place on the same day you post.

The last time I took the blogmonth challenge I did it all on Blog Oklahoma’s Instagram. I would take a picture and write something related to that picture. I think I want to do that again. So this May I’m going to take on the Instagram blogmonth challenge again.

If you want to join me on the Instagram blogmonth challange here’s a few tips for you

  • Take multiple pictures with your phone camera not the Instagram app throughout the day and then pick the one you want to write about.
  • Do all your writing outside of Instagram. (Now this tip also applies to other blogging platforms too) It’s easier to type this all up with a full size keyboard on your desktop and leverage all of your word processor’s tools like spell and grammar checking. The last time I did all my writing in Google Docs. When it came time to post in Instagram, all I had to do was open up the Doc, copy the text, and paste it into Instagram.
  • Take advantage of all of Instragram’s tools, such as image filters, tagging, and sharing to other services. Using a filter on your picture can help change the tone of what you write about, such as using the sepia toned Earlybird filter to give a feeling of nostalgia or age.
  • A big tip here, don’t share to the other service such as Facebook when you first post in Instagram. This gives you a chance to make any corrections. Yes it’s an extra step to share, but it’ll give you less of a chance of post failure. Those are annoying.
  • And finally don’t forget to add hashtags to your post so people can find your picture. If you would use the hashtags #blogmonth and #blogoklahoma to let us know if your taking the challenge. I word of warning when you use hashtags on Instagram, you will (not if, will) get like and follow spam. It would help everyone Instagram if you would take a few moments to report and block those spammers.

So I hope you join me this May and take on the Blog Month Challenge. You can follow me on instagram at blogoklahoma, but I’ll also will mirror all of my posts on Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, and my own personal blog at

This episode's writing suggestion

So this week’s Blog Oklahoma writing suggestion is take the blog month challenge with me this May.

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  5. In This Moment - Blood

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