Blog Oklahoma Podcast 21: Music Spectacular 2

Blog Oklahoma Podcast I caught a cold virus last week and its perty much taken my voice out. But I just couldn't go the week with out noting we've managed to pass our 20th episode mark. Since I noted our 10th episode with a music spectacular, I thought why not do it again. So here's some of the best music played on the Blog Oklahoma podcast over the last 10 episodes.


  1. Liars, Inc. by Freakhouse
  2. Motorcycle by Spy For Hire
  3. Internal Server Error by Beatnik Turtle
  4. Maybe I'm Amazed (AUTHORIZED COVER) by Blake Morgan
  5. When I Fly Away by Jason Harrod
  6. Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf
  7. Curse Of The Fool by Val Davis
  8. Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and Spearhead