Blog Oklahoma Podcast 042: Personal Blogs and Social Media

In this week's episode we start a conversation on personal blogging and social media, a couple of important dates are coming up, and find out where I've been over the last few weeks. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

"Friday. Friday afternoon. Welcome to another edition of frizzy hair Friday. Wind. Do I need to say more?. ..."

That was how I lead into something I recently posted on my blog. It's how I begin most of my update posts. These are little multiple topic things I'll share from time to time to let everyone know what's going on. These posts are usually accompanied by a webcam selfie, so I'll poke fun at my long naturally curly often frizzy hair in someway. Especially if I post on Fridays. Thus frizzy hair Friday.

These kind of update posts are a nice way to let people know what's going on, and to keep your blog a little more personal. Back in the early days of blogging you could find more personal blogs like this. Now a days you'll find more blogs are more topic based, like a fashion, gardening, product reviews, travel, or even politics. The personal aspect of blogging has been shifted over to social media in such places as Facebook or Google+.

I even found myself doing that. I started blogging less on my personal blog and started posting these things on my social media, mostly on Google+ and then echoed everywhere else.

There are a great many benefits to posting these things on social media, like being able to connect directly with your family and friends. But as I was doing this over time I started feel you lose something when you only do social media posting for these kind of things. You give up control.

I control my blog and how I want my posts presented to you. I also can control things like advertising, commenting, linking, and discoverability. These are things you give up control of when you use social media. You're locked into how they want your post presented, you only see their advertising, and they track and have been known to block your links. Not to mention you're at the mercy of their algorithm, meaning there's a good chance no one saw your post at all because it wasn't shared in their newsfeeds.

Now these are all nitpicks, if you're happy with only posting personal updates on social media by all means continue to do so. But I would also like you to consider posting these kind of things on your blog. Remember you can always share a link to your blog post on social media. .
So what do you think? Do you have a personal blog or do you strictly post on social media. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment below.

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A little challenge to write something different. Write an epic poem about your favorite pet.

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