Blog Oklahoma Podcast 045: Food Month - Refrigerator Buffet

In this week's episode we kick off February Food Month here on the podcast by talking about what's in your freezer, I share a simple chili recipe, and the top 5 foods I really don't like.

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It's February and that means in our household it's time to get to the bottom of things. And by things I mean our refrigerator and freezer. It's when we take to the opportunity to clean out the refrigerator, eat up or throw out any leftovers leftovers, and rediscover any frozen meals that sank to the bottom of our chest freezer. It's what we like to call eating at the refrigerator buffet. We also call it that because February is usually when we have some of coldest weather, and we would rather stay in where it's warm instead having to trudge out in the cold to go eat out somewhere. So we eat at home.

When was the last time you really took stock of what you have in your freezer? .

Here's an example. Do you recall that really good deal you got on pork chops that one time and bought up a few packages and stuck them in your freezer. You probably had some of those pork chops for dinner that very week. After that really didn't want to have pork chops again right away. So all those other pork chops you bought stay in your freezer for another time. You get busy. Hey it's the kids basketball season. Later you buy groceries again and again and again and again. Soon those pork chops are stilling on the bottom of your freezer, buried and forgotten. It happens, sometime you'll wrap up something, put it in your freezer, and you'll just forget about it.

So that's why we take February in our household to dig through our freezer and cycle out some of the older stock.

For the sake of quality, it's recommended meats should only be in the freezer for a few months. Things like the the aforementioned pork chops can be frozen for around six months, and things like steaks or roasts can be kept up to a year. But as long as they stay frozen and their packaging stays intact, you're fine. You can keep them in your freezer for quite a while, but remember the longer they are in there, the lower the quality will get. Not to mention risking freezer burn.

So it's a wise practice go through your freezer from time to time check on things and rediscover what was in there. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded. Who knows you might just discover it's time for pork chop night again.

If you would like to know more about freezer and refrigerator food safely check out

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Is to take part in Food Month and talk about your favorite food related topic.

Top 5

  • 5. Liver and Onions
  • 4. Fried Okra
  • 3. Store Brand White Bread
  • 2. National Brand Signature Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato Burrito
  • 1. Donna's Tuna Casserole with Boiled Eggs and Olives

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