Blog Oklahoma Podcast 048: Food Month - Bowl of Cereal

In this week's episode we conclude February food month with a bowl of cereal, I share some suggestions for Mac and Cheese, and we find out what foods Donna likes. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

(sounds of a bowl of cereal)

There is nothing like a good bowl of cereal. It's something you can enjoy anytime. It's simple: a bowl, a spoon, some cereal, and a little milk. Maybe some fruit. What kind of cereal do you like? Me I'm partial to rice krispies, but I wouldn't say no to a bowl of corn flakes or raisin bran. Way back when I ate sugar (listen to last week's episode for more on that) I would often have in the cupboard a big box of Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, or the big bag of Golden Puffs.

When I was growing up we've always had cereal in the house, even when money was tight. Instead of getting name brand Cheerios, we would get store brand Toasty Os. And they were just as good.

In fact just now I'm enjoying a bowl of Great Value Crisp Rice cereal as a nice afternoon snack.

Cereal, it's good.

This episode's writing suggestion

What is your favorite cereal

Top 5

Here are Donna's top 5 favorite foods.

  • 5. Tuna Patties
  • 4. Hamburgers
  • 3. Pizza
  • 2. Shepherd's Pie
  • 1. Steak and Potatoes

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This week's episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast begins with a bowl of cereal.

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