Blog Oklahoma Bonus #9: Five More YouTube Channels

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for February 25, 2018.

In this week's Bonus episode I thought I share with you five more YouTube channels I think you might find really interesting.

Geography Now! Latvia

Geography Now!
If you're interested in learning more about the world around you please check out Geography Now. They've started an ambitions project by doing an episode on every country in the world in alphabetical order in a humorous and informative way.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus Android Tablet with 4G LTE Review - Under $230

If you're looking for a good review on that latest gadget, please look into Lon.TV. Hosted by Lon Seidman (side-man), is a straightforward and informative tech and gadget review show. I highly recommend it.

Vampire Reviews: Lifeforce

Maven of the Eventide
This is home to Vampire Reviews where she reviews vampire movies, tv shows, books, and other vampire related media and their impact on popular culture. It's a really fun channel, so please check it out.


If you're interested homesteading, gardening, raising animals, tiny houses, or an off-the-grid lifestyle then OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY might be the channel to subscribe to. They usually post daily with a look at their homestead, daily life, and they'll share little nuggets of interesting information.

Essential Kitchen Tools | Basics with Babish

Binging with Babish
This is a cooking channel, not unlike what you might be seen on the Food Network, but with it's own twist. He'll often take foods you'll see on a TV show or movie and try to recreate them like Peking Duck from A Christmas Story, Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos from Psych, or even simple Pancakes & Coffee from Twin Peaks. Recently he started a new series called Basics with Babish where he's teaching you how to cook. If you like food, definitely check out this channel.

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