Blog Oklahoma Podcast 171: Sinus Headache Edition

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This episode is going to be a very quick. I’m really not feeling well today. With all the high winds kicking up dust and pollen, I have one serious allergy induced sinus headache going on. My head hurts quite a bit. You know its one of those kind of sinus headaches that even blinking hurts. Yeah that’s it.

Since I missed last week’s episode, I didn’t want to go another without putting something out. I’ve already missed most of the year and I’d like to not have a repeat of that, even if I don’t feel well. What sucks is I have a few more tasks to do after this that just need to get done.

The primary one is cleaning out our floor furnace. Yes, our house is heated by one of those old fashion floor furnaces. Believe it our not it’s very efficient and heats our home nicely. But before it gets really cold, I have give it a good dusting and vacuum up any cat hair or dog food that might have fallen into it. Trust me, you don’t want to smell that if the heater kicks on.

I also have to remove the air conditioners out of the windows, but I’m debating doing that today and probably just do it later this week.

After all that I think I’ll just curl up on the couch and pass out or something.

I want to remind you of a few important dates coming up. If you haven’t registered to vote yet here in Oklahoma, it’s too late. You can go ahead and register, but you will not be able to vote in the November 3rd general election. You’ll have to wait until the next election cycle.

If you are registered to vote and want to vote absentee, you only have until Tuesday, October 27th to request an absentee ballot. It is really encouraged that you don’t put this off and request your absentee ballot now, and as soon as you get your ballot, fill it out, sign it, go get it notarized or attach a copy of your driver’s license to it, and then drop it into the mail.

If you would like to vote early, you can at your local county elections board on October 29, 30, and 31. For more details on how to request an absentee ballot or where you can early vote please visit

One last important date coming up. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 1st. It will be time to once again to fiddle with the knobs on the back of your clock and set your clocks back one hour. Also like to remind you to change the batteries and test your smoke alarms and CO detectors. Especially those carbon monoxide (aka CO) detectors. With heaters about to start firing up, you don’t want a stray exhaust leak from preventing you from ever waking up again. So please get those things checked.

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