Blog Oklahoma Podcast 88: Music Spectacular 8

Greatings everyone, Kevin here and I'm back behind the microphone once more for another episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcasts. I'm happy to announce the brand new design of the web site is now online at I'd like to thank everyone who help out with the new site and of course thank you the listener for your patients while I was getting some much needed work done behind the scenes. To celebrate the launch of the new design, I'd thought a special edition of the podcast was in order. And it's been a while since I've done one of these. So it's time again for a music spectacular. Please sit back and enjoy some of the best music played on the Blog Oklahoma Podcast over the last few episodes. And as always. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.



(This is a remix and repost of episode 88, fixed an error with first track being out of sync. If you downloaded the episode before 3/11/12 1:15PM, please download the update.)