Blog Oklahoma Podcast 3: Gas Money

Here we sit in the midst of American history. At the time I record this we are between two major party political conventions. The Democratic Party has just finished theirs with a historic night of music and great speeches. Now we get to see what the Republican Party will bring. Unfortunately we are also in the midst of another gulf coast hurricane. Visions of Katrina are on the front of every ones mind at about three years to the day. The mistakes of the past haunt us. Oklahomans around the state are ready with a helping hand. Evacuation centers are being opened for anyone fleeing the coast. To everyone arriving I want you to know that Oklahoma is here for you in your time of need.

In The News:
Some of the latest headlines from the Oklahoma blog-o-sphere and (Bum Bum Buuuum) the main stream media.

This week in Oklahoma History:
On the morning of September 1, 1893, Ingalls, Oklahoma was the site of one of the fiercest gunfights in the history of the state.

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