Blog Oklahoma Podcast 5: Missing Friends

On these last few rainy days I got to thinking about my friends. Mostly the friends I've lost touch with. Its been time, distance, or both that has separated us from each other. Everyone gets busy with their lives. You loose track of time, and before you know it years have past since the last time you talked. Oh you might exchange e-mail with them from them from time to time, or not. You might find them again on Facebook, only neither of you really use Facebook all that much. So there you have it, a missed friend. Oh its not your fault, its not their's. You just took separate paths on life's journey. It happens. I myself am missing my best friend. I haven't seen her since my wedding. And that was some time ago. We just lost track of time and each other. Oh don't let me give you the impression I'm sitting here all depressed over it. It just sometimes I'll be reminded of my old friends from a picture on the wall. Or I'll hear a song on the radio, and I'll think, "Hey you know who would like this..." It happens, and I'll miss them. and I'll think, "I really wish it would quit raining."

So I would like to put this challenge out to you, call up an old friend. Get caught up. Renew that friendship. And don't let a year past before you talk to them again.

In The News:
Some of the latest headlines from the Oklahoma blog-o-sphere and (Bum Bum Buuuum) the main stream media.

This week in Oklahoma History:
On September 16, 1893 nearly 7 million acres of the Cherokee Outlet were opened up for settlement in the great Cherokee Strip Land Run. The largest land run in American history.

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