Blog Oklahoma Podcast 004: ROYGBIV

With all the days of rain we’ve been having, I had to do something that I haven’t had to do in quite a while. Mow our lawn. It had overgrown into a lush thick green carpet of grass and weeds. So on the first blue sky day I set out to mow.

But like any good procrastinator, I had to prepare first. I dug out the work clothes, some old jeans, a ratty orange Wilson t-shirt, and of course my favorite floppy brimmed boonie hat. I put on some sunscreen, gathered a couple of bottles of water, and for my final prep grabbed my iPhone, put in my earpods, and launched a Spotify radio playlist based on the Indigo Girls. And with that all done, I finally headed out into the vast expanse of my small backyard.

Unfortunately mowing the backyard wasn’t without incident. On the second pull to start the mower the rope snapped on me. I had to tie a knot in it so I could get the mower started.

The lawn was still a little bit too wet. So I managed to clog and stall the mower more than once. It was after one of those incidents that I was looking down at the mower watching the intake as I was proceeding along, that I failed to look up. I ran headlong into the red metal bird feeder hanging from our pecan tree. No damage done to either me or the bird feeder, it was just a little embarrassing.

Finally after what seem liked an hour of tiring work I finished mowing our backyard. I sat down in a yellow lawn chair and drank greedily from a bottle of water. As I mentioned in the last episode, I’m out a shape. I was exhausted.

While I was sitting there, recovering, I looked around my backyard and to my surprise off to one corner I had missed a spot. Instead of tall grass or the usual milkweed or sandburs that comprises my lawn, in this spot was this nice thick viney looking plant with these small violet flowers.

Eh, I’ll leave them for next time.

The backyard
My backyard


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Talk about timing. I started writing this episode two weeks ago. It took some time to do because of other things that kept popping up. What I said in the intro was true, I had no idea what I was going to write about, and It was random chance that the ROYGBIV writing challenge was the topic that came up.

This past Friday, June 26, 2015, marriage equality became the law of the land. The symbolism of the rainbow was show throughout social media all day long and well into the weekend. The rainbow even lit up the White House. To all my friends and neighbors, congratulations, love wins.