Blog Oklahoma Podcast 10: Pointy Stick

Greetings everyone and welcome to the 10th episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Wow 10 episodes. I realize in the scope of the pod-o-sphere, my little podcast about life in Oklahoma is barely a drop in the bucket. But I'm happy about it. To me 10 episodes is quite an achievement for someone sitting in the corner of a guest bedroom using a USB Headset microphone, recording with Audacity, and constantly being interrupted by fire trucks, barking dogs, and a cat named Baby.

In The News:
Some of the latest headlines from the Oklahoma blog-o-sphere and (Bum Bum Buuuum) the main stream media.

This Week in Oklahoma History:
On October 23, 1923, Governor Walton Suspended

Oklahoma State Question 742

Whiskey in the Jar by Dust Rhinos
After You by Wensday

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