Blog Oklahoma Podcast 037: Nothing Happened

I missed last week’s episode, and you won’t believe the reason why.

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First off my apologies for missing last week. This is what’s sort of weird about what happened this time. Nothing happened. I just had a series of everyday events that ate up all my time, and the same thing just about happened this week. No emergencies. No illnesses. No drama. No real excitement at all. Nothing critical at work. I’m not trying to meet a deadline or anything like that. I’m just working on a really interesting code project, learning how to use some new-to-me technologies, and it’s all stuff I’ve been doing since I’ve started working there. I come home and it’s your standard everyday household chores. You know cleaning the house, taking care of the pets, cooking dinner, taking an hour or so to unwind a little bit in front of the TV, and finally going to bed to start the cycle all over again the next day.

So that brings us to this past Thursday afternoon when I realized haven’t worked on a new script yet. I’m not sure when I lost track of my time. I’ve just been focused on doing everyday things. So I have no excuse for not working on the podcast except I just didn’t do it.

So I need to whittle out some time somewhere during the week so I can get back into writing again. I do enjoy this hobby of mine. It’s not like I’ve got writer's block or I’m just not in the mood to write. As a matter of fact, I’ve shared with you when those have happen. Like said nothing really weird happened this time, I just didn’t get to it.

And this will bring us to next week. There will be no new episode next week. It’s the Labor Day holiday weekend, and I am going to take full advantage of the 3 days off.

Oh speaking of the holiday weekend, If you are going to be in the Elk City, Oklahoma area on Saturday, September 3rd, be sure to come downtown around noon for the big Rodeo of Champions parade. It’s always a lot of fun. I’ll have a link to more information about it the show notes.

Well there you have it. That’s what happened to me this past two weeks, nothing. Let’s see if I can get this podcast thing back on track.

This episode's writing suggestion

is write about your day.

(Sorry no top 5 list this week.)

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