Blog Oklahoma Bonus #1: The Blog Oklahoma Bonus

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for August 27, 2017

Hey everyone Kevin here. Going to be trying something a little different. This is going to be a supplemental podcast called The Blog Oklahoma Bonus. It'll be a little something extra in between episodes of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. As you may have heard in the last episode, I'm taking my time to write the Blog Oklahoma Podcast and it could be weeks between episodes. So instead of letting the podcast feed sit idle during that time. Why not put together those little bits of information I like to share in the podcast and put it in a little short bonus episode. This will help out greatly when there is time sensitive information I would like to pass along. I'll also be posting detailed show notes with links from the episode and bonus interesting articles, and of course the latest additions to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist at Spotify. So I hope you enjoy these little bonus episodes. Oh and please let me know what you think of this in the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Facebook Group.

This week I'd like to pass along our thoughts and prayers to our neighbors in Texas down on the gulf coast. They will be going through some tough times with the flooding and damage from hurricane Harvey. If you would please donate to a charity that'll help them like the American Red Cross. You can donate from their website at, or you can make a $10 dollar donation from your phone by texting the word HARVEY to 90999.

Links from this episode

This episode's bonus interesting articles

This episode's bonus musical selection

You can listen To the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist on Spotify. Enjoy.

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