Blog Oklahoma Bonus #3: Nuzzel

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for September 10, 2017


Following the news in social media can be difficult at times. Especially with services, such as Facebook, forcing you into some algorithm that spoon feeds you news that they think you want to see. Or you're following so many people on Twitter that some news just floats by in your stream and you never see it. So today I'm going to share with you a news aggregation service that I really like called Nuzzel.

"Nuzzel offers personalized news discovery and curated newsletters for busy professionals, via web, mobile apps, messaging bots, and email newsletters. ..." - About Nuzzle

What Nuzzel does is it will connect all the people you are following on Twitter and Facebook, aggregates all the news articles they shared, and displays it in an easy to read list in most popular shared news order. So you can see what is being talked about most in your social circle.

If I open up the Nuzzel app right now, this first news article I see is about Hurricane Irma. I see a count of how many of the people I follow shared this news article, and I also can see who specifically shared this news. With one click I can read the article. I can also click on the list of people who shared this news and read what they said about it on Twitter or Facebook. With another simple click I can share this news myself.

The Nuzzel app also has more ways to see the news besides of what just your friends are sharing. A simple swipe and I can see the news shared by the friends of your friends; another swipe and I can see the Best of Nuzzel, an aggregation of the entire service; and you can also subscribe to to individual people or to a Twitter list to see the news being shared that way.

There is much more to Nuzzel than just what I mentioned but that's the basics, and what I actually use the most.

Nuzzel is on the web at, and the app is available for iOS and Android. All you'll need to do is login with your Twitter account to begin.

I really like Nuzzel. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'll open this app regularly as part of my morning news routine. So please check it out, I'm sure you'll like it. I'll have links to Nuzzel and more in the show notes at in the Bonus section.

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