Blog Oklahoma Bonus #5: Google Home Mini

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for October 22, 2017

We just got in a brand new Google Home Mini last week and we already love it. We've had the original Google Home for some time now and use it in some fashion almost ever day. The Google Home is 5.62" tall, and as the name suggests the Mini is much smaller coming in at 1.65" tall.

The Home Mini looks really nice, it's covered in the really nice fabric, we got the coral colored version.

The single speaker of the Mini sounds really nice, it's actually quite good to listen to music on. I would give the audio edge to the regular Google Home it has two speakers in it and has a touch more bass, but again the Mini sounds good to me.

Both the regular Home and the Mini work in the same way utilizing the very handy Google Assistant system.

So the best way to describe how to use a Google Home Mini is to let you listen to it. I'll move the microphone over to it and start asking it to do a few things like what time it is, what's the weather, ask it a few questions, it'll even connect to other services, and of course play music from not only Google Play, but Spotify, Pandora and a few other services.

So let me introduce to you the Google Home Mini. (Listen for more)

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Our new Google Home Mini arrived today. Love it! We named it Pinky.

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