Blog Oklahoma Bonus #11: Simplenote

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for May 27, 2018

In the last Bonus episode I shared with you the open source note taking app Joplin. Well during that research I came across another great note taking application. This one is called Simplenote.

Simply Simplenote is a cloud based notepad. Now don't let that simple description fool you. There are some really nice features that make Simplenote very useful.

For one it's multi-platform. Simplenote is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web. It has a very clean and friendly distraction free interface with both light and dark themes.

It supports tagging, so you can keep your notes organized. Has quick searching, version tracking, supports markdown, has a handy word and character count, will let you collaborate with someone on a note, and saves seamlessly to the cloud.

And if you ever want to share that note you can publish it to its own unique URL, and then unplublish it when you're done wanting to share it.

Okay it's strictly a text editor, it doesn't support image or file uploads. And it doesn't let you organize into notebooks like Evernote, but you can easily work around that with tagging.

Oh I forgot it's most important feature, it's free. Full featured, ready to go, no advertising, and free to use.

Simplenote is provided by Automattic, the same people behind

I really like Simplenote, and have it where I can get to it from most of my devices, all my workstations, my laptop, my iPhone, and even my Chrome OS box.

If you would like to check out Simplenote, just visit

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