Blog Oklahoma Bonus #13: Teamup Calendar

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for September 9, 2018.

A few months ago I had a client that was looking for scheduling solution. What they basically wanted was a shared calendar that they could control who had access to what. They wanted to have different calendars for the office, employees, contractors, and other people they do business with. They also didn't what everyone to have to sign up for a service just to view the calendar.

So we searched for various calendar options, and we gave them a list of different software and services to go look at.

One of those services we found, I'm really impressed with. It's called Teamup Calendar. You can find it at

Teamup Calendar is designed for groups. It's really simple to use. If you've used any calendar app before, you can easily use Teamup Calendar. All the calendar functions are there.

Here's a brief description from their website: "Teamup simplifies how groups share plans, schedule events, and communicate statuses. Color-code calendars for teams, jobs, projects, and bookable resources. Centrally managed with role-specific access permissions. No accounts are required."

I'm going to repeat that last part, no accounts are required. That's what really makes this service interesting. You access the calendar with a unique URL. That's it.

Now as an administrator when you first sign up for a calendar, you will need to add an email address. That way they can send you the unique URL or link for admin control of the calendar.

As admin, you setup the calendar how you need it. It's name, how you want the dates and times formatted, what views are available, and any sub-calendars for organization.

Also as part of the setup you can configure the links that are used to access this calendar, the rights control if you will. So for example, let's say you have two levels of people who need access, managers and technicians. Managers can view and edit for scheduling, and technicians can view but not edit. So you set up two different links one for the managers and one for the technicians. You send them the appropriate link, and they now have access to your calendar. No login required. Simple.

You can even turn on iCalendar support, meaning people could then subscribe to the calendar with their own unique link with their favorite calendar app or service. Like the calendar app on your phone, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook.

Teamup Calendar has 4 different pricing levels. The one you're probably looking for, FREE. With the free tier you get, Unlimited users, up to 8 different sub calendars, and 1 year of historical data. The other pricing levels are Plus at $8/month, Premium at $20/month, and Enterprise starting at $80/month. With the paid levels you get access to more sub-calendars, longer storage of historical data, and other tiered benefits.

One major option to at least considering the Plus tier is the ability to set a password for calendar access. You can set a different password for each unique link.

If you're a small organization and you need help scheduling, have a limited budget, and have people all over on various platforms give Teamup Calendar a try.

Well there you have it, a very quick introduction to Teamup Calendar. I hope you find it useful. You can get to Teamup Calendar at

Example Teamup Calendar:

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