Blog Oklahoma Bonus #14: Clockify

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for September 30, 2018

So I was looking for employee time card software for a client. Wow, just realized I think I started the last Bonus episode like this. I do tend to find some of the neatest stuff that way.

Well anyway I stumbled on a service that has come in quite handy. It's called Clockify.

Clockify is a cloud based time tracking software. It lets you and/or your team track time. Oh, and it's completely free. It's cross platform. It works from any browser and has desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Now if you've never used time tracking software before, let me see if I can describe this service for you and why it's handy to use.

First I mentioned employee time card software before, where you, as an employee, would clock in for the day and clock out when you leave. Well Clockify is not that. It's a task based timer.

Let's say I'm part of a software development team, and I've been assigned to work on a few components. Management, the client, or I want to know how much time I spend working on each component. So as I start work on something, I login to Clockify, add my task and click the Start button. I do my work, and when I'm finished I go back to Clockify and click on the End button. The time I spent is calculated and logged. When I'm done with my part of the project I can see how much time I spent working. I can even turn in a nice report.

Now that's just one example of how you can use this. If you're a writer, you can use to see how long you spend working on an article; If your a salesperson, you track how long you talk to customers on the phone; or your a freelancer and you want to track billable hours. Clockify might be the tool you need.

You can organize your tasks with tags, into projects, and by customer. Your entire team can use Clockify and use to organize and assign projects and tasks.

Since you can use Clockify with desktop app or a browser plug-in, tracking your time can be right in front of you, so it's not cumbersome to use.

Now I can hear some of you say, but that's just one more thing I have to do. That can be true, but it's that one more thing that can really help you out, especially if you need to track billable hours.

Oh and I'd like to say once more, it's free. They designed it to be free to use. Now they do make money by selling hosted versions of the software, but the cloud version is full featured and free to use.

You can find out more and just try Clockify out for yourself at

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