Blog Oklahoma Podcast Update

Hello everyone. Kevin here. Just wanted to pop up quickly to let you know the Blog Oklahoma Podcast will return next week with an all new episode.

I am attempting to get back into a weekly schedule again. Last week was a little different, Donna had a rare weekend off so we took advantage of it.

I was working on two new Oklahoma history episodes, until the big news dropped that the House of Representatives has officially begun an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

So I've dropped everything and began reading up on this for a new impeachment episode. Last year I did an episode on Impeachment, but I mostly focused on the Oklahoma history side of things when our state removed two sitting Governors.

I thought I would be done for an episode this week, but new things about all of this just keep rolling out. So I'm going to delay one more week to see what happens next and present what we've learned so far in an episode next week.

This is an interesting time we are living in, to say the least. We'll I've got to get busy, I've got some reading to do.

Until Next Time.