Blog Oklahoma Update - Podcast [Unavailable]

Blog Oklahoma is getting its own podcast. First edition is now up. I've posted it to my own podcast feed until I get Blog Oklahoma's all setup. [-MORE-]

Show Notes:

This is the Blog Oklahoma Update for May 29, 2008.

The new site design is now online. We hope you like it. We've completely redesigned the Explore page to make it a bit easier to to Explore the Blog Oklahoma web ring.

We've expanded the member profiles to include more than just Twitter. So if you're a Blog Oklahoma member and you use Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Pownce, Digg, Mixx, or a host of other services, please login and add them to your site's profile.

If you would like to get connected with your fellow Oklahoma bloggers and podcasters at one of these many social networks? Just click on Explore, then Search Blog Oklahoma and on Search by Social Network to see who's connected.

We've added some new web ring graphics, including some for you Blog Oklahoma podcasters out there. I hope you like them.

Next on the agenda for Blog Oklahoma is building a site map for Google indexing. Oh speaking of Google indexing. If you haven't please login and update your profile. The more descriptive your descriptions the better Google will index our site, thus indexing your site and improve those all important rankings.

If you need help with anything, would like to report a bug, or just leave a comment please visit our help desk at Get Satisfaction.

You can follow Blog Oklahoma on Twitter to get the latest updates and see who just signed up. And if you would like know ever more on what's going on behind the scene just follow the web ring manager and developer of Blog Oklahoma, programwitch at Twitter.

Some of the music provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ''

Remember Just Blog Oklahoma!