Blog Oklahoma Podcast 40: Music Spectacular 4

I'm happy to announce another milestone has been reached, the Blog Oklahoma Podcast has reached 40. And of the few traditions we do have here on the podcast every 10th episode look back on some of the best music played on here on the podcast.


  1. New Rose Cover by Zombie Met Girl
  2. Take Me Down by Admiral Twin
  3. My Funny Valentine by This Is A Shakedown!
  4. So, This is Love by MixMasterMandy
  5. Moving in Circles by Monkeeman
  6. Somewhere I Should Be by The Season
  7. Dream On by Carrie Pettit
  8. Open Road by Nathan Lee
  9. Politically Incorrect Redneck by When Rock Met Country
  10. Prettiest Girl in Walmart by Roy Jay
  11. Suave Cha Cha Cha by Terio

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