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The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is an open topic podcast, so I'm likely to talk about anything. Mostly though, I'll share writing, blogging, podcasting, and other tech information; attempt to keep everyone up on Oklahoma current events, especially when it's time to go vote; highlight some of Oklahoma's fascinating history; and I'll also let everyone in on my day to day life here in the Great State of Oklahoma.

And as always, thank you for listening to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. – K. Latham

 April 08, 2021

Blog Oklahoma Telegram

The Blog Oklahoma Telegram Channel has been deactivated. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t being used. A big thank you to all who did participate over the last few months.
 April 08, 2021

Ketchup! #shorts

Did you hear there’s a ketchup packet shortage? Who would have thought lunch at my desk would lead to independent wealth. Ha!
 April 05, 2021

The .LOG Trick #shorts

Open up Windows Notepad. New file. Type .LOG and return. Save file. New time stamp every time you open the file. Great for quick notes.
 April 03, 2021

Using a Yo-yo #shorts

Finishing up the backyard by waking some weeds.
 March 31, 2021

Old Town Museum Complex #shorts

A visit to the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum Complex in Elk City, Oklahoma. Here is the town square exhibit.
 March 22, 2021

Saturday Housework #shorts

Doing quite a bit of housework every weekend I can. This is why no podcast lately.
 March 16, 2021

Tea Time at the Office #shorts

It's time for a little cinnamon black tea at the office. Hope you're having an enjoyable day.
 March 05, 2021

Executive Disfunction

What no new podcast yet? What’s going on here?
 January 17, 2021

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 172: What a Way to Start a Year

I started writing the script for this episode on Monday, January 4th, 2021. It was going to be a lighthearted episode with a few jokes, and I was going to share this year’s goals for the podcast. You know I was going to start the podcasting year off right. That all changed on Wednesday, January 6th. ...
 December 22, 2020

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