July 26, 2021

July 25, 2021 - Laptop Down

[anchor.fm/blogoklahoma] Was going to record a new episode today, but my laptop had other plans.
 April 26, 2021

Podcast delayed again. #shorts

Podcast delayed again. Craaaap! My laptop won’t cooperate today. Giving up.
 April 19, 2021

Clean Desk #shorts

I finally got my desk cleaned off and the podcasting equipment hooked back up.
 April 08, 2021

Ketchup! #shorts

Did you hear there’s a ketchup packet shortage? Who would have thought lunch at my desk would lead to independent wealth. Ha!
 April 05, 2021

The .LOG Trick #shorts

Open up Windows Notepad. New file. Type .LOG and return. Save file. New time stamp every time you open the file. Great for quick notes.
 April 03, 2021

Using a Yo-yo #shorts

Finishing up the backyard by waking some weeds.
 March 31, 2021

Old Town Museum Complex #shorts

A visit to the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum Complex in Elk City, Oklahoma. Here is the town square exhibit.
 March 22, 2021

Saturday Housework #shorts

Doing quite a bit of housework every weekend I can. This is why no podcast lately.
 March 16, 2021

Tea Time at the Office #shorts

It's time for a little cinnamon black tea at the office. Hope you're having an enjoyable day.
 January 17, 2021

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 172: What a Way to Start a Year

I started writing the script for this episode on Monday, January 4th, 2021. It was going to be a lighthearted episode with a few jokes, and I was going to share this year’s goals for the podcast. You know I was going to start the podcasting year off right. That all changed on Wednesday, January 6th. ...

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