December 19, 2017

[Encore] Another Christmas Special

This is an encore presentation from December 20, 2013, of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast: Another Christmas Special. Merry Christmas Everyone!
 December 01, 2017

Dancing Solar Powered Holiday Toys - Swinging On A Star

A little something fun for a Blog Oklahoma Podcast bonus. Dancing solar powered holiday toys to the tune of Swinging on a Star. Have a great day!
 December 01, 2017

5 Things ... from my toy collection

[5 Things] Here are 5 things from my toy collection. Five solar powered dancing holiday toys. Five things is short and not to be taken too seriously. Thanks for watching.
 November 16, 2017

VLOG #13: Water Meter and Other Things

Wednesday, November 15, 2017. It's been an uneventful couple of weeks. Well we did have one exciting thing, our water meter exploded. Okay it didn't explode, but it did spring a leak. Had to call the city in to get it fixed. Fun ....
 November 13, 2017

5 Things ... on my desk at work

Five things is something new I'm trying, its short, and not to be taken too seriously. Thanks for watching.
 October 23, 2017

Blog Oklahoma Podcast: A Halloween Music Special

This is a remix from the Blog Oklahoma Podcast archives: Blog Oklahoma Podcast 83: Special Halloween Music Spooktacular and Blog Oklahoma Podcast 45: The Halloween Special.
 October 18, 2017

Dancing Office Pumpkin - Ghost of Barrelhouse Joe (1946)

A little dancing jack-o-lantern in my office. Enjoy. Happy Halloween from the Blog Oklahoma Podcast
 October 17, 2017

VLOG #12: Sidetracked and More Random Things

Monday, October 16, 2017. I've been sidetracked with all sorts of little projects that popped up recently that really needed my attention. Also in this vlog: morning coffee, a new too cute cookie jar, dinner out, and some yard work on a fall morning. Plus more random cat video!
 September 29, 2017

Random Cat Video #1

This is just some random video clips of our cats that I shot for my vlog. I thought I would share them here in a silly little random cat video with some neat music behind it.
 September 25, 2017

VLOG #11: A Clean Desk and Ghosts

Sunday, September 24, 2017. I spent the weekend cleaning my home office and podcasting equipment so here are some more random things with something a little different...