Judicial Review

  •  Monday, October 3, 2022 13:13

Only a few more weeks until the general election. I bet you’re already sick of the political ads. I know I am. So much so that I’ve stopped watching TV or any streaming service with ad breaks because of it. This doesn’t mean I’m not politically aware. Quite the opposite. I’m reading the news and researching judges.

Judges? Yes, judges. That’s the only section of the ballot I haven’t decided on yet.

The way we vote for judges is a simple yes or no to keep them in office. Four Oklahoma Supreme Court justices and five Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals judges are on the ballot this year. Governor Kevin Stitt appointed a few of these judges on the ballot, so, I’m giving them some extra scrutiny.

The Oklahoma Elections Board already has sample ballots ready for you to view. Login to the Oklahoma Voter Portal and view yours.

More later. Time to read some judicial records.

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