Blog Oklahoma Bonus #12: Five More YouTube Channels

This is the Blog Oklahoma Bonus for July 8, 2018

I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately. So I thought in this Bonus episode I share with you another five more YouTube channels I think you might find really interesting.

Taco Crescent Ring - Akram's Ideas Ep. 3-11

Akram's Ideas

A nice little channel with cooking, sewing, and arts and crafts. It's all about helping you "Bring your own creative and crazy ideas to life."

My Instant Ramen Addiction (their fault) ... - Alex French Guy Cooking

Alex French Guy Cooking

This is another great cooking channel. Not only do you get recipes and cooking tips, but you get his explorations on food. Everything from finding the perfect Italian pizza, to making his own mozzarella cheese, and to having the perfect bowl of ramen.

BEAKMALLUSION: Free Energy Devices - Captain Disillusion

Captain Disillusion

Now this is one very entertaining channel. Captain Disillusion, takes you step by step in debunking viral videos by walking you through visual effects, in a very informative and humorous way. And he encourages you to remember to love with your heart, and use your head for everything else.

Make a SUPER HIGH VOLTAGE Capacitor - ElectroBOOM


This channel teaches you about electricity and electrical engineering in a most crazy and shocking of way. I also want to remind you he is a professional and knows what he's doing ... most of the time.

dial M for Air File - This Old Tony

This Old Tony

This is a channel I just recently discovered because he did a collaboration with Alex French Guy Cooking. This Old Tony does a lot of metal shop projects. He teaches you about working with milling machines, welding, tools, and all sorts of mechanical engineering. Now you might be thinking that's kind of a dry topic, no. His videos are very well produced and hilarious. So please check it out. I've been binge watching his videos for the last week.

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